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If you sell your products online, you probably know what an important role social networks play – both to increase brand awareness and to allure new customers. After all, interested parties will find out about your company, read the reviews and testimonials and make the purchase decision. But how exactly do you motivate your prospects to become fans and ultimately customers? In this post, we’ll show you some simple ways to promote social networks without being intrusive.

Choose your Social Media Platform Carefully

First of all, find out in which social networks your target group is on the go and sign up there only. Otherwise, you may invest time in a platform that few people can reach. It’s not about being represented in as many social networks as possible. It’s better to have only one or two, but then you can pay more attention to it.

Create the Right Content

Don’t post content that’s just for sale. Instead, create handy content that is worth sharing. Post tips, stories from your daily work, share interesting news. And remember that the key to social media success is to meet your customers’ needs.

Try to keep the balance between promotional, informative and entertaining contributions.

Here are a few examples of what you could offer your followers:

  • Sell cosmetics; you could share makeup tips and video tutorials on Facebook.
  • Have a coffee shop, post tempting cake pictures on Instagram.
  • Are you an artist, show excerpts of your works on Pinterest to keep your curiosity on your to awaken the entire collection.

As you can see, you are of course allowed to introduce your products on the social networks. But combine that with a guide, an inspiration to use the product, or engage your fans elsewhere to succeed really.

Offer Customer Service

With social media, a new opportunity for communication between companies and customers has opened up. There are many brands that are acclaimed by regular customers through maximum ratings. Conversely, there are those who avoid public speaking with customers, prohibit commenting, or simply ignore requests.

Every engagement with your shoppers is a chance to prove your good service. Take advantage of that! And remember – good social media customer service is also seen by other users and can convince you to click on your page.

Of course, there can be negative comments once. How they handle it? Here’s more:

Try Ads

If you have the budget, give it a try. You can selectively promote a product page or a post you have created. It’s best always to create two parallel displays that are slightly different (e.g., different images or text length) to uncover what your target patrons likes. It is important that you discover what your target congregation likes and not which target group likes your posts. Though you can buy Instagram likes cheap to ensure more likes and engagements in your posts.

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